World Record Moose

Date: 2017-01-30

The World record Canada Moose was shot in 1980 by the hunter Michael E. Laub.  The moose was shot in British Columbia.  Here are the scoring statistics directly from Boone and Crocket.

SCORE: 242

LOCATION: Grayling River, BC
HUNTER: Michael E. Laub
OWNER: Michael E. Laub
DATE: 1980

Greatest spread: 63
Length of palm: Right 44 5/8 - Left 45
Width of palm: Right 21 6/8 - Left 23
Circ. of beam at smallest place: Right 8 1/8 - Left 9 2/8
Number of points: Right 15 - Left 16


In Saskatchewan, the All-time record is

 233 6/8

Ray Hornseth


By: GS

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